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mCDL is a paperless CDL system for examiners, administrators, and auditors to efficiently conduct vehicle inspection, basic control skills, and road tests.

About mCDL

An expansion of the award-winning electronic CDL system (eCDL), mCDL is a tablet-based system designed for CDL examiners to efficiently administer vehicle inspections, basic control skills, and road tests. mCDL provided an advanced CDL solution that utilizes affordable Microsoft Windows and Android tablets to replace existing paper-based systems or expensive electronic systems.

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  • Proven Electronic Testing System

    The enhanced mobile design minimizes examiner errors, improves scoring accuracy, and reduces applicant registration and exam processing times.

  • Affordable Equipment and Maintenance Costs

    mCDL is optimized for Android tablets to reduce start up and maintenance costs without sacrificing speed or reliability.

  • Reduction of Errors and Redundant Office Data Entry

    mCDL features automatic scoring, pass/fail notification, wireless transmission, and external system integration that helps to eliminate the need for paper forms and time-consuming, error-prone data re-entry into external systems.

  • Integration with CSTIMS and Other CDL Licensing Systems

    mCDL offers a seamless and integrated workflow with most state CDL systems and national systems such as AAMVA's CSTIMS.

  • Meets State and Federal Standards

    mCDL is currently approved for use by AAMVA and meets CRF Title 49, Subtitle B; Chapter III, Subchapter B, Parts 383-384 CDL standards and state compliance.


Your security is important to us. All information stored on tablets and in the cloud is encrypted and user profiles are tiered to make sure that only managers/auditors with proper access levels can view sensitive information. mCDL is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS). To view AWS’s compliance programs, please click here.


Our marketing and technical teams can work with you to customize a variety of features such as authentication, branding, reports, test questions, and user profiles to ensure that you are delivered a solution that meets your needs and state standards.


GPS tracking is enabled for auditing, monitoring, and fraud detection purposes. This functionality allows applicant errors, examiner interactions, and road test data to be recorded and documented.

Technical Support and Training

Our developers and technical support team will assist you in realizing the potential of the system by providing super-user training in person and/or remotely. We also provide ongoing user support from Monday to Friday and a help desk web portal for tracking issues and solutions.